Choosing the Best Supplier for the Wheat Crunch in Your Ice Cream

For generations now, wheat crunch has enhanced the flavor of ice-creams and given them a whole other dimension of taste, thanks to their texture, crunch and surprise element. The combination of luscious creamy soft ice cream and crunchy, crackling wheat crispies is just divine and has been a source of delight for kids and grownups alike. Just a spoonful of crunchies sprinkled over your favorite scoop of ice cream add a burst of texture to each bite. Or dip your popsicle in crunch before coating it in chocolate and your treat becomes a work of art. There are just so many ways wheat crunch is integral to ice cream and together, they’re like a match made in heaven.

When it comes to making business decisions though, wheat crunch is more than just crunch. It is an essential raw material that must be sourced from the best suppliers and manufacturers. When you are a company making the most delicious ice cream using only quality ingredients, the quality and freshness of your wheat crunch too should match. It takes a great deal of technology and skill to make wheat crunch that is healthy, delicious and fresh, stays crunchy for long inside the ice cream and ensures the highest levels of hygiene during the manufacturing process. Only when you buy your wheat crunch from the right people can you ensure all of these things in one place. A batch of wheat crunch that doesn’t meet these standards could ruin an entire batch of your product and possibly affect the reputation of your brand in very little time. Here are some qualities you must check for before choosing your supplier of wheat crunch, so your ice cream never fails to delight.

1. An Advanced Processing Plant

The primary source delight of wheat crunch is the crunch. Crunch that is light, lofty and stays that way even when immersed in creams and liquids. Simply toasted wheat flakes are dense and hard though crispy. Turning these wheat flakes into fluffy, airy wheat crunch that is crunchy yet delicate requires state of the art technology and specially crafted procedures for manufacturing. A good wheat manufacturing plant doesn’t come cheap and only the certified, quality suppliers tend to carry machinery and equipment that is fit for the production of the highest quality wheat crunch. Machines must work at optimum efficiency to create uniform sized flakes that are toasted to perfection, have the right density, flavor and hardness, retain their bite even after being added to liquids and taste good. Proper processing plant ensures that every single grain of the wheat crunch tastes perfect.

2. Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important aspect when it comes to any product related to the food and beverage industry. From where the wheat is being purchased to all the numerous steps it is undergoing to become wheat crunchy, every step of the way must be clean, sterile and hygienic. Machines that cut, grind, toast or pack the product must be maintained in the highest order of quality. Storage and shipping of the product must be done within strict hygiene standards. Before you lock a supplier, be sure to enquire about their hygiene status and ask for certifications from state authorized bodies to ensure they’ve been inspected and cleared from time to time.

3. Packaging And Shipping

When it comes to perishable goods, packaging and shipping are critical attributes that can make or break the equation. Wheat crunch, if left exposed to the air for long can lead to contamination, dampening and complete loss of flavor. That is why efficiency checks are required to ensure that the supplier packages the item in food grade, quality certified airtight packaging that is sterile, safe and strong. Also, with their limited shelf life, wheat crunch must be delivered within certain timeframe from the time of manufacturing. So enquire into the packaging and shipping process of your supplier to make sure you receive the freshest, healthiest and tastiest wheat crunch for your ice cream.

4. Flavors, Sizes and Other Attributes

Wheat crunch now come is various different flavors that complement ice creams in a whole new manner. If you have a supplier who manufactures wheat crunch in different flavors, that could be an added advantage. Also, different ice creams require different sizes of wheat crunch and you could enquire into the size aspect too.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to ensuring quality in the food and beverage industry, every single ingredient, even the smallest one, must have been manufactured to perfection. When you use the highest quality milk, cream, fruits and flavors to make your ice cream, don’t let a soggy batch of wheat crunch ruin it for you. A simple background check and a few friendly enquiries could ensure that you choose a supplier who will provide you a steady supply of high quality wheat crunch for your ice cream.

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