Custom Requirement

Being in the food industry since years, we do know and understand that our clients have requirements that are as varied as chalk and cheese. For instance, an ice-cream manufacturer will require a different set of Rice Crispy from us than a Chocolate bar manufacturer. They all need that ‘one special ingredient’ to make their product stand out on the market.

With this thought in mind, we at TakeLitez not only manufacture and supply some standard set of products from our doorsteps, but also step out of our comfort zone and take custom orders from our clientele.

Apart from our usual product lineup such as Wheat Crisps, Rice Crisp Balls, Rice Crispy, Corn Crisps, Soya Chunks, Soya Granules or Soya Flakes, you can also order other products that are made from a mix of all these or completely new raw materials. In short, we can easily ‘Create’ a new lineup of products exclusively for your business needs. Like our own product range, our custom-made products also retain the same benefits.

Make an enquiry about our custom-made products and we will get back to you instantly.